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Welcome to my site,  I have mostly pictures and very little other kinds of communication.  I am nuts about cars and my family.  The fact is I'm a little "touched". I have a few hobbies and keeping all the cars going is one of my favorites.  The first car below is my '72 1800ES that I bought 22 years ago and still drive as my only summer transportation except for Ice Cream runs in the old cars.  The old Volvo is a '60 544 named "Virgil" and he is my exclusive winter transportation and been so since 1983.   I have restored and fixed up many cars for friends and family and Ickkey is the Red Volvo that now lives in St. Louis.  The Mini Cooper is the last car I did and I made it a "speeder" with a very high performance 1275cc motor with 119hp @ 6500rpm.  My 1800's have been modified to reduce complexity including Carbs, Delco Remy Pertronix and electric fuel pump.  They are very street worthy and fast.  The 1800 "toad" has been bored .030 then the head chamber was reduced to 47.5cc to give a 9.7 compression ratio.  The crank was polished and heat treated then balanced with a lightened flywheel.  The carbs were tuned and finally settled on the KN needle profile after using the KD and DX.  Toad also has headers and new seats and a sweet exhaust sound derived from eliminating the mufflers and only having the last "resonator" to quite things down.

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