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The beginning. Virgil 2.0 was brought to this country in 19?? without an engine or transmission to participate in the New York Auto Show as part of the "Stack" promoting "Volvo Making Cars Safer".  Originally Blue, it was painted white for this event and placed on the top of the stack held in place with guy wires.  The suspension was locked by welding the lower "A" frame to the spring housing in the front and using a steel bar instead of a rear shock absorber.  It was also used for a photo shoot when the 850 was introduced and was painted red to match the 850 and towed next to it for another photo shoot.

I bought it on Ebay July 12, 2004.  My plan is to remove all the original parts and archive them, install a 140 front member and 1800ES rear axle, and a B20 with overdrive so I can drive this car during the winter as my daily driver. I will be installing a one piece fiberglass front end and fiberglass rear fenders.

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