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Some call it Consulting but I'd rather approach it from a view of helping you understand the data and make better decisions.  The information age came and went in the nineties.  Now is the time to take action upon the information that has been collected and stored.  Way too often the information is gathered but the next logical step is unclear.  This is where I can help.  I'll gather the data and then work with you to devise a plan to create an action plan that will make a difference. 

Data Analysis...Over the years I have developed a skill in gathering data and "boiling it down" to usable information.  Typically Excel and enhanced through Access, I can provide insight and organization for the mountains of data you have to understand.  Usually this is a private thing and outside traditional databases or corporate mainframes.  It's for when you know the information you want is available but you want someone to "walk you through it" and be able to adjust the goals as you go along.  

Training...See above about analysis. I enjoy showing people how to "work" the data into knowledge and insight.  I am able to bring the tools to you and show you how to do it for yourself.  Many of us completed our education without a single class in computers and now rely upon others to do "our" jobs.  I'll show you how to build a spreadsheet and make it sing.  Then take it to a PowerPoint presentation.  Dazzle your doubters. 


Web Design.... Nothing fancy or expensive.  Just a straight forward presence on the World Wide Web.  I don't do too many but will rather be responsive and personal.  "Home" pages and simple informational items are best handled by a small web master rather than an "production" house.  I can register, develop and post your website and give you the flexibility you want.

Car Dreams... I have 'em and alot of people do too. Great cars from our past that we want to have back or the "dream" that needs to be fulfilled. Rag tops or sedans, sports or touring,  I'll make your dream come true. I have taken some wrecks and turned them into car dreams.  I don't do "show" cars 'cause I believe a car should be driven.  Cars that are driven should have a certain amount of improvements that make them roadable like better brakes and fuel systems and an ability to be in traffic.  Partial restorations or just a "fix-up".  I like 50's and 60's because that's when I fell in love with cars.