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Data Analysis

    Georger Data Services (GDS) is an arm of Georger.Com that has been in existence longer than any other part of this company.  In 1979, the first computer was installed at the Georger Co. and it was left untouched for 3 weeks.  We knew it was good but we all had other things happening during the 9-5 shift and this was completely new to all of us.  We agreed it was a great thing to have and well worth the money but we wanted "somebody" to take the next step (as long as it wasn't ME!)

    After 3 weeks of expecting those whom it would help most step up and dive in.... I figured I had to do it myself.  Mary (my first wife) would come to work after 5 and we would read to each other the item numbers and descriptions with pricing  for our new computer while the other one typed it in.  That was the beginning.  Oh yes, Mary is my Last Wife too! 

    From that came an unending curiosity of the potential of a computer and its application to sort and solve problems.  The first machine had a "Report Generator" that became a very functional asset where the pre-packaged reports were too vague but sounded great at the demonstration.  They were exactly what we needed!  But, upon further review, I found they needed to be changed and modified to give better answers.  Once I found an answer, there were 20 new questions because I opened a new paradigm.  (If it can tell me that.... can it tell me this?)   

    Now, we've had 24 years of developing questions and answers and we've kept it relevant. Theory is nice and computers are fine but we want actionable answers and reliable data.  We've recently coined a phrase of this approach...  "Predict History". This sounds like an oxymoron but in application, we want to discover data that supports past historical events.  Find data that adds up and down to point to an event that has occurred and whose contributing factors will happen again.  History repeats itself!  So, why not see if we can create a model that ended in a result we can confirm, and then forge that data into future circumstances?  The basic concept is that the computer will not make a mathematical mistake and will break information into columns and rows.  Once in this format... let the questions begin!