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Here is stage one in the saga of Virgil Version 2.0 or "V2"


Fenders removed and still very happy with the car.  Some rot through but very fixable and expected. Front end is king pins and drums and I'm converting to a 140 front end to allow  Discs and Turbo wheels all around. Front end comes off with 8 bolts to the frame plus the steering connections and sway bar.  M41 needs to have the floor fitted and the front crossmember  has the engine mounting brackets removed and located nearer the crossmember center line as the 444 was originally. 140 Crossmember is positioned and fitted.  As of August 13, 2004 I am looking for some measurements from a stock 140 to be sure of location of steering components assuring correct geometry.

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Sept 1, 2004 Front end is done!  Well, almost.  Still need to paint all the pieces but all modifications are finished except the hood hinge and steering column link.  The tunnel has been made and is removable and there will be a "short" shifter from a newer Volvo with the button for the overdrive on the shifter itself.  The fiberglass front end fits but will need some modification near the firewall.  Virgil wasn't very original and this car is very stock when it comes to the original shape and metal. Rear axle is now out and it is an early version without the top rods for connection points.  The floor is flat in the trunk near the pass through. Rear control arms are in great shape and I will be attaching a rear axle from a 1973 1800ES automatic to this car.  This gives me 4 wheel disc brakes, Turbo wheels and 3.91 ratio for great cruising with the overdrive. I believe Final drive will be 3.73. Process is slow but I am moving right along.  Once rear axle is attached and driveshaft is measured, I will dis-assemble and begin to powder and paint the pieces.  While this is happening, I will be placing the body into a jig and it will rotate so I can sand and grind the floor prior to paint and undercoat.   

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