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October 12, 2004  

    Well, Stage 2 has begun.  Brought home V2 last week on the new wheels and axles.  140 front and 1800ES rear.  Larger project than anticipated but the result is well worth it.

Pictures above show the drive home from Webster NY to Buffalo behind the "tow vehicle" of the 1800ES.  Really was no problem and had to look behind to remind me it was there. Had the engine in place but thought front shocks were optional... WRONG! It looked like the 444 was mating with the 1800 as it humped along when the pavement was irregular.  Wasn't much of it but it looked funny from the mirrors.  Go it home (90 miles) and took it all apart again.  Engine out and front end off for paint and protection.  Picture #3 illustrates the new control rod for the older style rear suspension.  Decided the stuff on the top of 544 rear axles must have been done for a good reason.  So I made a bracket and attached to the tunnel with large heim joints.  Pictures to follow when I take the rear axle out tonight. Floors are great especially the bottoms.  The inside floors have the pitting so I' ve taken special care to protect these from leaks. Still on schedule to use as a winter car this year so I have about 6 weeks to complete the task.  Probably will not paint until spring 2005 and make sure no new rust appears at that time.  The last picture is of the fiberglass fenders I made for the rear.

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